Yesterday, in what seemed like my fifth hour of scrolling through Facebook feeds, I came across this:

But I can't find it, so this is really starting off splendidly. I have to completely change my course of thought, not that I even had a course of thought heading anywhere.

So, I'll just try and describe in words what I came across.

If you're into Rob Bell (a semi-Christian author, teacher, heretic, hated by all conservative religious folk), you know that he loves to use a huge dry erase board when he teaches. If you were as lucky as I was to be able to attend his "Everything is Spiritual" tourstop in Houston, then you know that he used a board that was in the shape of a "greater than" sign (<), and it was about twenty feet long.

Well, to jump to the point, he sent out a Tweet saying that he was selling it and all the proceeds would go to the water charity that he supports.

And I thought, "hmmm, that'd be cool."

But then, I was like, "Would it be already written on by Rob himself, or would it be blank?"

If it was blank, then I wouldn't really care, because it's just a plain jane dry erase board.

But if it contained all the notes of one of his lectures, that'd be something I could pick up.

In Rob Bell speak, "It's a dry erase board, but it's not just a dry erase board."

A friend of mine was trying to get me to admit that I'm resentful towards certain institutions. This was over the phone yesterday. As I was listening, I was starting to get irritated, but you can never allow the other person to know you're getting irritated, because then they win. I don't like losing, just like Donald Trump - who, by the way, won't be getting my vote.

So, as I listened, he tried all these different reverse psychological methods to try and draw out from me some sort of verbal evidence that I was resentful towards these institutions. But he couldn't do it. I wouldn't admit that I had an ounce of resentment. And I don't. I don't hold a grudge toward the Church, or A.A., or Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton, or the US Government, or Bernie Sanders for flaking out, or Fox News, or Christianity, or religion. He was wrong in doing what he did. Shame on him.

But, he gave me a good idea. Why not write a one line sentence for each of the above institutions explaining how I feel about them? I was trying to explain to him that there's a difference between feeling resentful towards something and telling my truth about something. I can say that you're a liar without feeling resentful towards you. Most people would call that something like, "speaking your mind," or, "letting your voice be heard," or "telling the truth," or, "being honest."

I feel like. Wait. I know that over the years I've fallen for this brand of nonsense that tells you to never say anything that promotes any sort of negativity at all. Only talk about yourself. Only say things in first person. Never tell anyone that they're wrong, or that you disagree, or that they're flat out imbeciles.

Well, I think I'm jumping off that bandwagon. It's boring, it's soul sucking, and it's dishonest in my opinion.

So, here's my one-liners:

The Church - the biggest freakin' brainwashing scam that's ever existed on planet Earth.

A.A. - the organization saved my life but is slowly dying because it's not evolving with the times.

Donald Trump - I almost feel sorry for the guy because of how many women have come out pointing their fingers at his fingers, and ruining his shitty run for president.

Hillary Clinton -  she's so good at taking attention away from her corruption that she's convinced every Liberal except me that she deserves to be President.

The U.S. Government - needs a complete overhaul.

Bernie Sanders - the coolest politician I've ever met on TV.

Fox News - they're really good at chasing after ratings, and not the Republican platform.

Well, my computer just decided to freeze up and I lost my train of thought. If you'd like to donate a new or used laptop, I'll graciously receive it.